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AMI WALL ART Install / Guidelines

The following guidelines are intended to provide basic knowledge about common application methods and general information for our products.


  • With a damp cloth wipe down the surface area. Do not use cleaning products. Allow area to completely dry before hanging your vinyl decal and make sure your hands are washed and clean. 
  • Place decal picture side down on a smooth dry surface such as a table. Use a squeegee or credit card and smooth out any creases or air bubbles on the paper backing.
  • Do not fold or crease the decal. Do not allow the sticky backing to touch another part of the sticky backing as it may damage the product.
  • We recommend using a tape measure and a pencil to help you find the perfect placement for your decal. When you first start to apply we recommend peeling the decal from the top. Carefully pull back 6 inches at a time and lightly smoothen decal to the wall by hand. Be sure to cover all areas of the decal and remove any and all air bubbles with a squeegee or credit card.
  • AMI Wall Art is removable and safe for your painted walls but is recommended as a one time use and is not warranted as re-usable. 

For the best application results, surface and ambient temperatures should be between 65°-75°F and never below 55°F. Some Zero VOC paints may exhibit lower adhesion levels. Due to its special air release characteristics, this film is ideal for use in short- to medium-term applications indoor, painted drywall (surfaces 3-5 years)

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